Avoid Fake Or Rogue Antivirus Programs!

Today a lot of people that use the internet get their computer infected by a fake antivirus, If you do you will need virus removal performed on your computer. I have worked with probably hundreds of people that have got this type of infection on their computer and I am going to provide some information that may help you avoid this sort of virus, and the aggravation it can cause.

Fake antivirus can get on your computer a number of ways, sometimes from a website that has been hacked, or from a link in your email and when you click it you get sent to a website that has a popup window that looks like a real virus alert.

When you are visiting a site and you see a pop up window that looks like a real virus warning, BEWARE!

If the pop up window is not from your antivirus that you have installed on your computer then DONT CLICK ON IT! It is a virus! This can come from any website.

Avoid clicking on the popup window. If you do so it may automatically install the virus onto your PC and the popups will continue until the virus is removed.

Majority of the time these fake antivirus will trick you into purchasing their fake antivirus using your credit card. DO NOT do it. Instead of clicking on the pop up to try to close it, by looking at the task bar at the bottom of your screen.

Depending on what web browser you are using, internet explorer or fire fox or chrome or any other, then you will see a little box in the task bar related to the web browser windows. Right click on that little box and then click on “close” Do this to every box in the task bar related to your web browser until all of them have been closed. Then restart the computer.

If your computer seems to get locked up or you are not able to close the pop up using this method then click the start button in the lower left hand corner (unless you moved it) and shut down the computer completely. If for some reason you cannot click the start button because the computer has froze, then you may need to turn the computer off by holding in the power button for about 15 seconds or longer, eventually it will turn off.

Once it is shut down wait a few minutes and then restart the computer, If you don’t have any pop ups after that then you may still be safe, you should perform a full virus scan ASAP.

Make sure your antivirus software is current and up to date before you scan. If you are not able to get your antivirus software to work then you are most likely infected with a virus, you will need to have the system looked at.

So avoid clicking on any popup warnings about a virus infection at all cost, unless it is from your own antivirus software. If you are not sure follow the steps above and I hope that will help you out.

If you do get infected with a fake antivirus removal program and cannot remove it visit us and we can assist you with virus removal.

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