How To Remove Triangle Trail

This article aims to give you information about the Adware type of program – Triangle trail and the company that has developed it – SupperWeb LLC

SupperWeb LLC

SupperWeb LLC is a company, specialized in developing potentially unwanted programs (PUP). The company claims  they offer tools which help the overall browsing experience, their promises are usually fake and tricking users into downloading programs which worsen the whole browsing process. Basically, the PUP generates different online advertisements such as pop-ups, banners, coupons etc. What’s more, some of those tools redirect the user to risky websites, which may cause malware infections.

SupperWeb LLC claims  they collect personal data, only for the sake of the users and for gaining profit for them. They state that:

“We only share or sell your non-public personal information with non-affiliated third parties when we believe doing so is permitted by you or authorized by this Privacy Policy. In addition, the Company may share your personal information with our parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies without restriction.”

Basically, this means that the company can do anything with your personal data at any time. The part where the company is telling its clients they will share information “when we believe doing so is permitted by you”  assures that the they can treat every situation as one in which the client may permit sharing data, because believing is something different in every person’s opinion. Also the company can share information with affiliate companies, which can be literally hundreds.

Furthermore, the company does it – it sells personal data to third-party companies, which is collected from the developed hundreds of identical PUP  through the pay-per click model. And in the end the company benefits it’s self and does not provide real value for users.

Triangle trail

Triangle trail is a program, highly advertised as a useful one, which helps you save time when searching for the lowest price of a product, comparing prices on different sites like Amazon or Ebay and displaying coupons. It may sound like a practical program, which helps the client make the best choice. But help is only on paper. In reality, Triangle trail resembles to Adware virus and not only collects personal information, generates profit from the users, but also can lead to other damage.

Symptoms of infection and way of working

It will be highly noticeable if you have the program installed. The program starts to display pop-up ads and advertisements, whether you want it or not. Numerous ads, with text like “Ads by Triangle trail” will begin to pop-up and when you click on one of them, other will appear. You won’t get anything useful from them, like information or profit, so be sure you are not interacting with the ads, except for closing all of them down.

How did I get Triangle trail?

Triangle trail comes with other programs, which can be downloaded for free in the Internet. Usually, those programs do not give you information that with their installation, you’ll be installing a bunch of other programs, such as Triangle trail. And if you don’t look carefully enough, you end up with several more programs without even knowing it.

Usefull tips

  • In the beginning, you can prevent all the damage, by being careful and not allowing the program to be installed. You should be very careful when you install a program, always read what is written, pay attention to all the details and choose option for custom installation. In that way you can select what exactly you want to install and deselect the other programs.
  • If you have noticed the symptoms, you should try to close all the ads and pages. A simple page text can be a hyperlink, leading to opening more unwanted ads.
  • Be careful of suggestions for installing fake softwares.
  • Use often scanners to detect if there is an unwanted program on your computer and remove everything unnecessary immediately.

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