Memory Fixer Virus – What is it?

Memory Fixer Virus – What is it?

Memory Fixer is also another fake diagnostic and error detection program, I had a customer call me, understandably worried because she was getting all sorts of error messages on her computer. She was the victim of the Memory Fixer virus. The Memory Fixer virus claims to optimize and fix your computers hard drive. This program will try to scare you into thinking that there are problems with the computer. The Memory Fixer virus can be installed by a Trojan virus that will show fake pop up messages or security alerts on your computer. The messages read that there is something wrong with your computer or your hard drive. Then it tries to get you to download a fake program that will correct these fake problems. If you click on any of these fake pop up warnings, The Memory Fixer virus will be instantly installed on the computer.

Memory Fixer will start up as soon as you start up Windows. It will Show all sorts of fake errors whenever you try to start up programs and even if you try to delete files. The Memory Fixer program will also prompt you to perform a scan of your computer, when it dose scan the computer it will indicate that it found all kinds of errors, Then it will indicate to you that these errors cannot be fixed unless you purchase the “fake” program.

A fake defrag program will show a message that it will need to be ran in Safe Mode. It will then trick you into thinking you are in safe mode by showing a fake or imitation Safe Mode background. After that it acts like it is defragging the computer. Keep in mind that this is all part of the plan to trick you into buying the fake program.

Basically this virus will make it seem like your computer is not working properly, Memory Fixer can also make folders on your computer show up as empty. If you open a folder you may not see anything listed, this is all part of the trick to make you think there is something wrong with your computer. It may also show you a different folder’s contents or make it look like the folder is empty.

The Memory Fixer virus will also make it so you can’t run any programs on your computer. When you try to start up a program it will prevent it from starting and then tell you that the hard disk or the program you want to run is damaged or corrupted. The reason it will do this is to make it difficult or impossible for you to run an anti virus program or tool to remove the Memory Fixer virus. Some messages that it may display are such as
Windows has detected a hard drive problem while starting a program or it cannot find a program, and asks you to search for it.

Basically it is trying to trick you into thinking there are many problems with the computer or the hard disk inside the computer. It can display a message like Windows has detected a hard drive problem, or it may show that it is Scanning for hard drive errors. If you get this virus try not to get too worried. It can be removed. Once it is removed the errors will stop displaying and you can use your computer as usual.

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