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Cindi Amey I had to use the service due to my laptop having problems with booting up Windows. I was in severe panic mode because all my resumes and cover letters were stored on this laptop. Rick Mitchell put me at ease and provided me with the utmost quality service of all. Thank you again Rick. You do not even know how much time you had saved me. Thanks Again, Cindi Amey

Ginny Blaut Rick set up our business website for our lodge, did a fabulous job and made himself available to us 24/7 for anything we needed. He’s a great person, professional, caring, intelligent and knows his stuff inside and out. Have no qualms with Rick, instead find great peace of mind and confidence in him, and you will be so very satisfied that you did!

Tom Rick has helped me on many occassions, from a slow computer to diagnosing a bad hard drive. He actually had me send him the hard drive and he said he would see what he could do,he was able to recover some files for me (one file that I really needed for school, he noramlly does not do data recovery but he tried a few things that he has learned through his experience and was successful, thank goodness). Bottom line is, his prices are great, he’s honest and dependable and will do his best to be sure that you are happy with his services. I truly was…..thanks Rick

Chris Cogan Rick is awsome with computer repair we have been working with him for years now and the nice part is we trust him.he allways tells us what was wrong and how he fixed and my wife have also fowarded his info to many of our friends to help them to.many of them have let us know that they also have found the the same good qualitys that we have. chris…

Karen Talbot Great service, very professional, and all at a great price. Technician was knowledgeable and quickly fixed my problems. They were able to find a virus my previous virus protection software was unable to detect. The convenience level was the greatest. I was fixing dinner (in Seattle) while the technician (in Michigan) worked on my computer virtually….minimal interruptions. No need to take time off from work for a technician to come to my home. Highly recommend the service and plan to be a repeat customer.

Diana Kathryn Wolfe; Owner,
Rick Mitchell is one of the most competent IT professionals I have ever dealt with. I own a website design company, and I frequently use Rick’s remote services to trouble shoot issues with my own system, as well as referring him to my clients and networking colleagues. On several occasions, Rick has logged in remotely and resolved issues quickly and painlessly. His expertise in remote connections is especially helpful, as our offices are more than 50 miles away, and I am often not in a position to wait days for a solution to an issue. Rick provides immediate results and always handles my computer as his own, treating the security of my data and identity with the greatest level of protection.
I highly recommend Rick Mitchell to resolve any IT problem.

Nancy I am a game player and was having problems with my game when I turned my computer on. I had heard about this company correcting such problems long distance and was pleased when the company was able to go into my computer and make the corrections necessary for me to play my game. They were very prompt and professional in their work and I would recommend them to anyone who has computer problems.

Curtis James He got on my computer, fixed everything and now its running like it was new. I will use him again for sure.

Earl Wolfe Rick Micthell is a dedicated computer engineer and technician. He has done work for me three times, including cleaning up a slow hard drive, adding a module to increase the memory and later replacing a cooling fan last week. He will make recommendations for upgrades, and will help you search the internet for the best prices. I do not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.

Josie I was telling a friend of mine that my computer was really slow and that I was going to take in to have it looked at, she told me about your website. It was nice not having to take it in to be fixed. The process of getting you onto my computer was really simple! It runs much faster now. Thanks again for the great work!

Stu Walls A couple of years ago I had trouble on a new lap top with Vista. I took it to a shop that charged me $100 and did very little to fix it. A good friend said she knew a man in Michigan who could fix it remotely. I was amazed at how well he did. I have now used his new business and it is even faster and cheaper than any thing around Tucson and I don’t have to take it any where. My first concerns about security were unfounded. I’m very satisfied.

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