Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode

Safe Mode with networking

Some older computers that use a USB mouse, keyboard and wireless may not work in safe mode, in that case this will not help you.. if you discover this is a problem with your computer then simply restart it.

If your computer is basically non responsive or will not get on the internet in regular/normal mode you can start it up in a special diagnostic mode “safemode”

If your computer is wireless you may need to connect it to a your network or modem using the Ethernet cable as most wireless connections will not work in safe mode

1. Turn the computer off completely

2. Look for the F8 key in the top row of your keyboard

3. Turn on the computer and immediately start tapping the F8 key you have to be FAST

4. When you see a screen that says something to the effect of advanced options you can stop clicking the F8 key

5. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard highlight safe mode with networking and press enter on your keyboard

6. The next screen may ask you to choose your operation system.. highlight your operating system and press enter on your keyboard

7. The next screen may show a bunch of “gibberish” (technical term) ignore it, it should disappear in a minute .. be patient.

8. You should eventually see a logon screen , select your username or owner.. do not choose administrator

9. You should see your desk top it should be a black background with the words safe mode in all 4 corners, the icons may be bigger, the screen size may be different as well and you will probably need to “scroll to see things…that’s ok, you will see a message box telling you windows is running in safe yes

10. Now try getting onto the internet with your usual web browser

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