System Tool 2011

System Tool 2011 Virus

The system tool 2011 virus pretends to be a antispyware and or antivirus program.

Once it is installed on your computer it can be very difficult to remove.

One version of this virus will prevent you from running pretty much all programs except internet explorer.

System Tool 2011 may also prevent your computer from being able to start in safe mode with networking, so it makes removal of the virus even more difficult. If you try to start your computer in safe mode with networking you may get a blue screen of death (bsod).

The easiest way to remove this virus is to start your computer in safe mode with networking, see this video for safemode with networking.
Once in safe mode with networking you can run any programs needed to remove the virus. If your not comfortable removing the virus we can do this for you at a very affordable rate of $35.00.
Simply visit our virus removal support page and contact a technician via live help and they will assist you to connect to the help desk.

You may also notice that you cannot open the task manager in an attempt to detect the virus process and stop it.
The virus will prevent that from starting as well You may be trying other things like starting a command prompt window it may also be stopped by the virus.

When your computer is infected with the security tool 2011 virus you will see some pop ups or virus alerts on your screen. These get in the way of your work and can be very annoying.

If you try to download a virus removal utility or a program the virus will not let it run.

What you can do is download any virus removal software tools that you plan on using and save them to your desktop but DO NOT run them yet. You need to stop the virus process from running on your computer before you attempt to run any virus removal tools or programs.

So what can you do to try to stop this virus? One method I use is to run a program that shows all of the processes that are running on the computer, called cprocess.exe However when the virus is not letting you run any programs except internet explorer what can you do?

What you can do is, try renaming your program that you want to run to iexplore.exe this way the virus will think you are starting internet explorer and it may allow it to run.

If it will allow it to run then you are in luck. What you will want to do is try to detect the virus process that is
running and stop or kill that process. You may also be able to determine the location of the virus file as well.
Knowing the location of the file can be useful as you may find out that you need to manually delete the file.

When looking for a virus process running on your computer it may be some sort of random name that looks like gibberish.

Anyway once you have killed or stopped the virus process from running on your computer you can try to run the anti virus that you have installed If that fails you should the tools that you downloaded to your computer that are commonly used to remove virus’s from computers.

If it seems like the virus is removed after running the removal tools and restarting your computer and you get an occasional error like a system host32 error then you may still have another hidden virus on your computer call a root kit. Many new virus’s are hiding in the master boot record of your hard drive and can be difficult to remove. You should seek help by an experienced technician to help remove that sort of virus. A root kit virus is normally undetectable by anti virus programs and some virus removal tools.

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