The Truth About Purchased And Free Antivirus

You have a computer and you installed your antivirus software, are your ready to safley hit the internet and facebook myspace and start downloading music and files? Not so fast! First lets discuss your antivirus program. Just what is a antivirus program?

Antivirus is a program that you install on your computer to ATTEMPT to protect you from virus and malware threats.

Installing antivirus software and ensuring it is kept up to date is a vital step in securing a computer.
The companies that write antivirus programs monitor the latest virus threats worldwide and provide regular updates to their users in order to keep protection up to date. Installing any anti-virus software, regardless of what program you choose, increases your level of protection.

But be careful. You can still get a virus on your computer.

Just because you have installed antivirus on to your computer will not guarantee that you are 100% protected from virus’s or malware. It is Impossible to guarantee you will not get a virus just because you have antivirus installed. Think about it, Just like in real life. You got the doctor to get a flu shot to protect you from the flu virus, but what happens next year? There is a new flu virus and you need another shot!

Well it is very similar in the computer world. You install an antivirus (give your computer a shot to prevent getting a virus) and you are protected, FOR A WHILE.

Then a new virus is created.

You are NOT protected from that new computer virus until your antivirus program is updated!
I would say that pretty much every antivirus program is automatically updated by the vendors that make the software. So what happens if you get a virus and the antivirus program has not been updated for the new virus? Well you get the virus. Just like in real life you cannot be protected from something if you are not aware of it yet.

Virus’s are created at an ALARMING rate, new virus’s come out EVERY day and even every hour!

Old virus’s are being modified as well. It will never end!

So what are things that you should be careful about when you use your computer, or what can make you more susceptible to the computer virus?

If you don’t make certain your antivirus program is installed you are not protected. I hear from so many people they say “my internet provider protects me from virus’s” NOT REALLY, they may provide you a program to Help protect your from computer virus’s. However if you do not install it you are not protected.

Believe me it happens ALL the time.

Here is another GREAT way to get computer virus’s. Do you or your family members use programs like kazza or limewire or bearshare?

Can you say VIRUS!

These programs are not virus programs, they are used to share files and download files from the internet. These programs work VERY well! But do you realize you are downloading programs, music and other files from strangers, other peoples computers that are also on the internet?

Do you know who the person is you are downloading from? NO YOU DONT.

Ok so remember when we were kids BEWARE OF STRANGERS!

These other files are from strangers, don’t accept candy from strangers! Don’t accept files from strangers!

If your going to download music get it from a reputable company like iTunes.

It may cost you a little bit of money but if you get a virus it will cost you ALOT of money and possibly loss of data.

Okay so thats just a little bit about antivirus programs, You absolutly need an antivirus program, However you also need to be carefull when using the internet!

Do not trust virus alerts that come from a website pop up, only trust alerts from your installed antivirus program, stop downloading candy (files) from stranger’s computers.

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