ThinkPoint Virus Removal

There is a virus that will prevent you from getting on the internet. It is called ThinkPoint virus.

In this article we will attempt to explain to you how to go about removing this virus from your computer.

The ThinkPoint virus, how to remove it.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable

Start Your computer in Safe mode with networking.

You can find instructions on how to start your computer in safe mode with networking at

When you get to the screen where thinkpoint shows

start task manager by pressing control, alt, delete
After task manager opens click on the processes tab

look for hotfix.exe

click on hotfix.exe to high-lite it

click end process when you see the popup asking or warning you about terminating the process, terminate it.

Once you do that the screen showing the thinkpoint virus will go away.

Now you need to get your icons to show up on your desktop

To do this we will use task manager again

Click file in the top left hand corner of task manager.

Click New task (Run….)

Type in the box explorer or you may need to type explorer.exe

click ok, your icons should appear on the desktop.

Now you need to deleted the file hotfix.exe

Usually under documents and settings in the folder with your user name then the folder application data

look in there for hotfix.exe and delete it.

you may need to change settings to show hidden files and folders in order to see the folders.

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